Activate your hospital on the IHAS Cloud Database

Antenatal Registration

Expecting Mum’s can now register for antenatal much easier and stress free on IHAS and be able to keep up with checkups.

Products Stock

IHAS allows range of stock system on cloud and can also be searched for based on range of dates.

Drug Dispensation

Drugs and other products can be efficiently dispensed to patients and also keep counts and tracks of dispensed drugs.


Patients laboratory  results can now be easily stored on cloud and can be viewed by strictly authenticated doctors only.


An extremely easy to use billing system is also one of the powerful features of IHAS. It also keep very detailed records of already paid bills.

Patient File

IHAS has made it incredibly simple to create and administer patient file and records. Allowing you to search and view the patient file.

IHAS is for everyone and every organization.

Global Reference

Patient is automatically assigned a unique reference number during file creation and can always use the reference number on each hospital visit.

File Exchange

Because we have a global system for hospitals. Patients can request their medical file to be sent to another hospital electronically.

Search Record

With the powerful search tool feature on IHAS; you can easily search for anything and get results within minutes from IHAS Cloud.

Step By Step To Activate Your Hospital On IHAS Cloud